Get AppleCare for the iPhone

Get AppleCare for the iPhone

Apple now has available an AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone for $69. When the iPhone was first released, AppleCare wasn't available, but it is now. An AppleCare plan extends the one year of hardware repair coverage to two years.


AppleCare for iPhone costs $69.


If you have an AppleCare plan, it means that Apple will repair your iPhone "using genuine Apple parts" (according to Apple) or give you a replacement. Some key notes about AppleCare for iPhone:


• You can buy an AppleCare plan so long as your iPhone is within its one-year warranty.

• The iPhone plan is for both Mac and Windows users.

• The plan covers the iPhone and the accessories that came in the iPhone box.

• The plan also covers the iPhone Bluetooth hands-free headset.

• If you decide to sell/give your iPhone to someone else, Apple does allow the plan to transfer to the new owner.

• AppleCare is an extended warranty. It is not insurance. AppleCare will not provide coverage if your iPhone is lost or stolen. (AT&T has a phone insurance plan, but the iPhone is not eligible for AT&T's plan.)

• Residents of Alabama, Connecticut, Nevada, or Wyoming are not eligible to purchase the AppleCare plan.


Should you get AppleCare? A lot of people think extended warranties are a rip off, and that may be true for most hardware. However, mobile devices such as notebooks and mobile phones are susceptible to drops, mishaps, and manhandling that could cause the need for a repair.


In this case, if you have an iPhone, seriously consider getting AppleCare. Remember, you can buy AppleCare anytime during your standard one year warranty. Set your iPhone calendar about 11 months in advance to remind you that your standard warranty is about to expire. When the time comes, you have a few days or weeks to determine whether you want to buy AppleCare.




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iPhone should have a real warranty or insurance. The applecare is worthless. It only gives you 1 year more than the basic 1 year it comes with. They will NOT allow you to get insurance on it with your monthly bill like any other cell phone. So, when your iphone stops working after 2 years, you have a $500. worthless piece of junk. Many people, myself included, have owned other PDA phones and dealt with this. At least when my new Treo went bad, the carrier insurance replaced it. As long as I pay the monthly $3 or $4. they have to replace the phone as long as I own it. I paid $359. for the Treo, and it had to be replaced 4 times in 3 years. They never had any abuse, they are delicate, and go bad often. The iPhone is just as delicate and WILL go bad often. If I'm going to pay $500. for the iPhone, I want an insurance that will cover it for as long as I am using it. A $500. phone is EXPECTED to last me a minimum of 4 years. Apple is screwing people by refusing to allow monthly cell phone insurance or a renewable yearly warranty for as long as you have the service. Apple is trying to force people into having a 2 year $500. cell phone! With my current Treo, I will always have a working, fully covered for replacement, cell phone as long as I pay the monthly $4. insurance. That makes a whole lot more sense than the Apple rip off.



I purchased a G5 a couple years back and purchased the Applecare. when I went to activate it, I was informed that Applecare was not available in the state of Florida. Are they going to offer Applecare for iphone in all 50 states, or do they still have limited coverage areas??



By paying the $69 for a 2 year warranty for the iPhone, you're basically saying you don't intend to buy the upgraded version of the iPhone within 2 years. I can't be so sure about that at this point.... I mean, imagine if they come out with a thinner, lighter, cooler iPhone with triple the memory, GPS, 3G high speed internet access, a built in voice recorder, and STEREO bluetooth capability. Are you sure you want to put extra money into protecting the outdated iPhone? Ugh, I just hate these decisions!


David RPM

This is just my two cents but I've sold several year old to two year old macs in the last few years. After researching eBay's completed auction list It seems to me that the AppleCare protected hardware draws more bids and higher winning bids than non protected hardware. So, even if you only keep the v1.0 iPhone for a year or so you can charge more than if you didn't have it AND have a bit of extra protection, and isn't it all about protection after all?

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