Get in Line! The iPhone Looms, Apple Updates Released, and More

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Get in Line! The iPhone Looms, Apple Updates Released, and More

Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours to go; we want to be sedated. OK, OK, so there's a little more than 24 hours, since it goes on sale at 6pm local time. But still, the iPhone - we suspect you've heard of it? - is only a day away. (Cue musical number from Annie.) The news today: You can get two per person at Apple Stores, one per person at AT&T Stores. (Be a buddy and pick up an extra for Stephen Colbert.) A training guide for AT&T employees has been leaked, with details on exciting things like credit checks and a possible GoPhone pay-as-you-go option, which would end up costing you more in the long run. Apple's site will let you check availability to see if your local Apple Store is sold out. An iPhone RSS reader will be available, so you can get all your updates. David Pogue's got answers to your questions. You can get your gamble on with nine new iPhone wagers. Apple Store employees are sleeping over tonight, so don't try anything funny. And if you mug someone for their iPhone, don't give them your own phone as a trade, and if you do, make sure you erase the photos of yourself first.


Want more industry analysis? Two new reports are predicting that the iPhone and Leopard "halo effect" will increase Mac sales, including potential gains in the small-business market. BusinessWeek examines Apple's rise from "sad little high-tech shtetl" to "global empire." According to Bloomberg, Apple's campaign "may be the most successful marketing effort ever." But not all Apple launches are puppies and rainbows. (Remember the ROKR? The Cube?)


The world's still turning (aka non-iPhone news): It's update day. Apple has released a firmware update for SuperDrives on MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Here's some early feedback. And an update to Apple's pro applications is out for users of Final Cut Studio 2. (Look for our five-page mega-review of FCS2 in the September issue of Mac|Life.) As for third-party software, iRecordMusic, an app that lets you record Internet radio, has been updated to version 1.6, adding support for streaming to an AirPort Express. And here's an interesting update to the rumor mill: Since Since Mac OS X has found its way to gadgets like the Apple TV and the iPhone, is an in-car navigation and entertainment system next? Apple is rumored to be working with Mercedes-Benz for a 2009 model-year launch.


Hooray for the Internet! Aside from bringing you the world-class website you're reading now, the Internet was named by 33 percent of consumers in a recent poll as the "most essential" medium in their life. But is the Net all that it can be? The original developers, DARPA, say they can rebuild it. (They have the technology.) Speaking of the Internet, were you aware that you can send giant files to your iChat pals? And speaking of iChat, did you know that the new Santa Rosa-based MacBook Pros have improved 1.3-megapixel iSights? Currently, iChat can't take advantage of the higher resolution and downgrades it to VGA, but that's today. Tomorrow will be here before you know it.


And finally, speaking of tomorrow, check back here around 7 p.m. Pacific time for our unboxing photos, launch-day experiences (with video), and first impressions. Good luck, shoppers!




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But not all Apple launches are puppies and rainbows. (Remember the ROKR? The Cube?)

Hey I still have my cube. I use it regularly. It's still with us in the slightly shorter version known as the Mac Mini. If you ask me the Cube still looks better, and was quieter too. I just need to update mine.

I for one am glad that all the media bashing is for the most part behind us and we will see if anyone DARES to show up to buy an iPhone after the world's press has spent the last 10 days telling them all the reasons they shouldn't! Me? My phone bill will be going lower. I will be getting internet browsing (not so fast on EDGE, very fast on Wi-Fi). Oh, and an iPod with a gorgeous widescreen. Oh, and it makes phone call I've heard.

Wouldn't it just really piss off all the pessimistic news media outlets if it turns out to be a wild success? More and more our press just seems to be as irresponsible and nasty as the infamous British press. God help us all!

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