Get Your Bookmarks in a Row

Get Your Bookmarks in a Row

Bookmarks exist to make Web navigation easier. So it’s more than a little ironic that bookmark management can be such a freakin’ pain. Keeping your bookmarks synced between multiple Macs and integrating social bookmark managers like can make you long for the days when URLs were saved on sticky notes attached to your CRT monitor. These apps and browser plug-ins ease the pain of syncing bookmarks so you can get back to what you do best: surfing. Just remember: syncing any data between computers over the Internet requires that your data be stored (at least temporarily) on a central server. We think the convenience is worth the possible erosion of our privacy, but you must decide for yourself.




If You Use Safari...

Shuttling bookmarks between Safari and is doable, but not as easy as with Firefox. Try delicious2Safari, a free, lightweight desktop application that can organize imported bookmarks into folders based on your tags. To upload Safari bookmarks into, download Safarilicious (free), another diminutive desktop app.


If You Use Firefox...

The official Bookmarks extension for Firefox makes all of your bookmarks available within a new menu right inside the browser. Additions made to your account from another computer are automatically downloaded to Firefox. Likewise, any bookmarks you add within Firefox are uploaded to automatically.


Plug Firefox directly into






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