Get Your Game On iPhone

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Get Your Game On iPhone

As soon as Steve Jobs announced developers would be able to create Web 2.0 apps for the iPhone over Safari, we knew it wouldn’t be long before the first games made their appearance. What we didn’t count on, however, was how good those first attempts would look.


As it turns out, iPhone’s touch-screen interface adds a unique level to handheld gameplay, eliminating the need for buttons and sticks, and making our old favorites exciting again. Like Punch-Out, for instance. Back when Mike Tyson was still beating his opponents in less than 60 seconds, his signature Nintendo game was the best thing around. And now it’s been resurrected on the iPhone, boiled down to its core: tap the screen to punch. Of course, there’s only one opponent, and if you remember the tricks (like punching Glass Joe in the stomach after he gets up), you’ll beat him fairly quickly, but Knock Out! for iPhone is still a nice blast from the past.



If you remember that, then you surely remember Duck Hunt, which helped put Nintendo on the map. Once again, there’s no cumbersome equipment to fumble with --- just tap and shoot. There are several more levels to Duck Hunt on iPhone (at least three, which is as far as I could get) and the graphics and game play is just as you remember it --- right down to the dog collecting fallen fowl in the bushes.






But the best game I’ve played is BattleFleet, a virtual adaptation of Milton Bradley’s Battleship. It works pretty much the way you would figure, utilizing the entire screen for a grid to arrange five ships. Each side takes turns firing, but play is limited to one player mode (against a virtual opponent). But I presume it’s only a matter of time until you can hook up with iPhone users around the country and sink each other’s battleships.








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