Get YouTube on iPhone, Apple TV; iPhone Ripple Effects; and More

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Get YouTube on iPhone, Apple TV; iPhone Ripple Effects; and More

YouTube showing on iPhone and Apple TV: If the ability to watch YouTube videos on the iPhone is all the enticement you need to drop a half-grand on one when Apple's much-hyped mobile launches on June 29, you're in luck. Apple announced today that the phone will be able to stream YouTube content wirelessly over Wi-Fi or EDGE networks. Apple TV owners have the same option today. To add this feature to your Apple TV, navigate to the Settings menu on the Apple TV's onscreen menu and select Update Software.


The iPhone's ripple effects: The iPhone isn't just a smartphone. It's a market driver - or at least it has potential to be. In addition to getting public love from Google CEO Eric Schmidt, the iPhone is expected to:


> Fuel a touch-screen bonanza

> Be just the beginning in a line of Apple mobile communications devices, including lower-end models
> Engender a huge line of accessories and add-ons
> Create new markets for mobile gaming and Safari-based apps
> Give a lot of Americans something to do besides having one too many at happy hour on the night of Friday, June 29


Apple lags behind on addressing global warming: A study by Climate Counts, an organization founded by yogurt makers Stonyfield Farm, used publicly available information to rate 56 American consumer products companies on emissions measurement, reduction, regulatory advocacy, and disclosure. Along with eBay, Wendy's,, and CBS, Apple ranked at the bottom of the list.


In other Apple news: Apple has until midnight today to respond to European charges of antitrust filed against Apple and four major record labels. Mac OS X Leopard looks nice, but it may not be faster than Tiger. Still, according to's bestsellers list, Leopard is already outselling Windows Vista (before it's officially released!). A Mac version of WeFi, the Wi-Fi-based social networking community, is in the works.


In other tech news: CNET has some advice for Jerry Yang and crew for renewing Yahoo's leadership position. The video game Manhunt 2 has been banned in the UK. MySpace launched an instant messaging service. And see how preternaturally geeky New York Times tech guru David Pogue became a badass, thanks to the wonder that is Photoshop.




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I'm trying to figure out why Mac|Life is telling us about the new myspace instant message software since the article you link to points out that there isn't a Mac version.


Wally Watson

well put!



I am not sure why you guys always have to report on global warming...It's a farce and there is nothing we can do about it anyways. China is already in the brick of the industry and are producing things like hot pockets. Get a load of yourselves...It's not even a scientific argument but merely propaganda. Anyways,



throughout the centuries ignorant people have denied science (and even burned scientists alive). they have always been wrong. always. it's one thing to be wrong about the earth being the center of the universe but when you're wrong about something that will have an enormous direct impact on the planet, well, you've really got your head in the sand.
a farce? according to whom? fox news? conservatives? show me one peer reviewed study that supports your claim. one will do.
i think a web site for all you people who deny this should be put up so your grandkids will know that there was imminent danger and you did nothing and that is why they live in the world they do.
no, you didn't do nothing, you did worse, you spread falsehoods.



it is not a farce ... please ... with an open mind study and read all you can about climate change and whether or not global warming is real.

the evidence is right there for you to see ... it is real and there are those who will do everything in their power to keep you from the truth

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