Ghosts of Email Past

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Ghosts of Email Past

I use Mail, and whenever I receive an email address change from a friend, I make that change in Address Book. But when I start typing a new message to that friend, Mail suggests both the old AND the new address. Where is the old email address stored, and how can I permanently get rid of it?


Mail’s Previous Recipients list: Not only can you remove addresses here, you can add contacts to your Address Book as well.


Mail keeps an internal database of recently used email addresses, whether or not that person is in your Address Book. But if someone changes their email address, this convenience can become a nuisance.


Thankfully, it’s an easy fix. You can view a searchable, sortable list of recent email addresses in Window > Previous Recipients. To remove old addresses, select them and click Remove From List.


Bonus: If you’re using Microsoft Entourage, you can turn off this feature entirely. Just go to Entourage > Preferences, click Compose in the left margin, and uncheck the “Display a list of recently used addresses” checkbox.


Otherwise, Entourage remembers addresses from both incoming and outgoing messages. To clear the entire list (no cherry-picking here), click the Clear List button under the Recent Addresses section of the same Preferences pane.





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