Google Going for iPhone Killer? Plus: More Microsoft Making Nice, Nokia Attempting to Ice iTunes & More

Google Going for iPhone Killer? Plus: More Microsoft Making Nice, Nokia Attempting to Ice iTunes & More

Google going mobile?: The rumor mill runs rampant with chatter of Google’s interest in unseating Apple’s iPhone from the hot list to the not list hitting no less journal of note than the Wall Street Journal. The Journal’s reported that Google’s showing a prototype to cell phone manufacturers. The main brand differentiator? The Google phone will be subsidized and possibly free. Call us when the calls are free too.


Microsoft loving: With Synchronica releasing a trial version of Mobile Gateway 3.0 that’ll let iPhoners get into Microsoft Exchange and Apple and Microsoft striking a font agreement we’re wondering about all of this cross-state loving. While the admonitions against Greeks bearing gifts is well documented is there anything in there about Microsoftians?


Nokia strikes back: With there being war and rumors of war, Nokia apparently is leaping in as well with a Finnish answer to iTunes. Fortune is reporting that plans are afoot for a new online music service from Nokia that’s supposed to debut August 29th and let users buys songs that are loaded directly to their cell phones. Hmmm….


iPod still ticking: Timex is coming out with a watch that controls your iPod? The iControl (can we stop with the iNames?) retails for $125.



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I never thought Google would make a phone. It will be interesting to see how it compares with the iPhone



Well, now, you see... Apple just needs to fight back by coming up with iPhone software updates that will once again blow the world out of the water.

Aaaahhhh.... sweet, sweet Apple....

The snake is sitting there waiting, and when the time is right - it will strike, and it will strike large, and hard.

The cry from the snake's bite will be heard world wide, and when the scar heals, the world will be a far stronger place.

Waiting.... waiting....waiting.... he he he.....

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