Guitar Hero III Unboxing

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Guitar Hero III Unboxing

Rocking out will now commence at the Mac|Life headquarters.


Xmas came early for Susie


Now for PC & MAC via a hybrid disk


What's really under Slash's hat?


Rated for Teen


Wait a second... that's the Xbox 360 guitar!


Complete set up with "Rock & Roll" stickers


Mmmmmmmmm, Silica gel


Do not try at home, Susie is a trained Silica disposal expert


With all that Silica gone, Susie is ready to rock!


If you have any pressing GH3 questions, ask them in the comments section.  



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Just wondering how does Guitar Hero III work on an iMac 2.8 gHZ? is there any breaks in the music? any downside?

Also, what's the problem with the batteries? Tx.



Hey, first off I just wanted to ask why I had to solve 10 plus 8. Secondly, I have a mac mini and I don't know how well guitar hero 3 will work on it. Will it be choppy or do you think it's ok to play (and yes I did snag that off of the ESRB ads and I am OK To Play Guitar Hero III)?



i'm working on some bloggy goodness at the moment, actually. i know it's been a while since i rapped at ya... *frowny face of shame*


Anonymous Coward

Why is it that Susie gets to rock out AND eat silica gel if she hasn't posted a column since July?!? And she looks WAY better in these pictures than she does in her banner shot.



I was wondering what all the hubbub was when the box arrived. I thought someone had sent Mac|Life a huge box of Christmas chocolate. Looks like the tasty silica gel will have to suffice...



Just waiting for the review and seeing if it's worth getting GH3 for the Mac so I can put away the PS2 and just sit at the Mac all day without going anywhere else for my Guitar Hero fix! ROCK ON SUSIE!!!



you could always wait until i die from eating all that Silica and then take my job! *head slams into desk*


Roberto Baldwin

Work hard, eat all your veggies, live a good life and finally, send large sacks of cash to my attention.




how can I get a job there

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