Guitar Pro 5

Guitar Pro 5

The intuitive interface lets you focus on your music.


Guitar Pro is a favorite among guitarists for composing and sharing musical scores, and it has a resource-rich workshop for honing your guitar chops. But until recently, it was only available for that other operating system. Version 5 now runs on the Mac.


Guitar Pro 5's interface has a customizable general toolbar and three floating panels: the Tools window, featuring all of the score-editing options; the Play panel, housing your playback controls; and the Tracks panel, which lets you manipulate and swap tracks.


Composing in Guitar Pro 5 is fairly intuitive. Once you've entered the parameters of your score (key, mode, time signature, and so on) and set the track properties, you can start writing by entering notes on the software's fretboard or keyboard, or by playing a hardware MIDI instrument. Though Guitar Pro 5 is tablature focused, you can switch to standard notation to see the musical notes. Regardless of which system you use, any note you add to one is automatically copied to the other. You can also augment your score with guitar-specific symbols and effects.


Once your masterwork is complete, you can mix your tracks and listen to your composition via MIDI or, for a warmer-sounding performance, through the Realistic Sound Engine (RSE) live instrument samples. You can even mute a track and provide live accompaniment.


You don't have to be able to read music, but you do need to understand tablature and rhythm notation. If you're just learning, Guitar Pro's abundance of features can be intimidating. But if you hoard dog-eared copies of Guitar World, you'll kick out the jams in no time.

The bottom line. It's an easy, potent score editor.


COMPANY: Arobas Music
PRICE: $59
REQUIREMENTS: 700MHz G3 or faster, Mac OS 10.3 or later, and 256MB RAM for MIDI playback; 1.3GHz G3 or faster, Mac OS 10.4 or later, and 512MB RAM for RSE playback
Comprehensive score-editing tools. Intuitive interface. Complete guitar workshop. Universal binary.
Abundance of features can be overwhelming for newbies.





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H ow does this compare to Sibelius' G7?



G7 is far more professional as a notation-tool than Guitar-Pro and the
overall look of the scores is a lot nicer in G7. But if you try to run G7 under
OSX 15.1 Leopard you will have problems with the look of the printout (the
staves are barely recognisable) and the Audio-save-to-disk-function
doesn´t work properly.

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