Hacker Slap-Fight, MacBook Rumors and Flash iPods

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Hacker Slap-Fight, MacBook Rumors and Flash iPods


Trouble in Hacker-ville: Hackers are people too. And like regular people they tend to have personality conflicts. The omnipresent iPhone Dev Team has spawned a splinter group known as the iPhone "Elite" Team. This new team states, "We don't play games, we DON'T want donations and we don't ban people with a good idea." Sounds like the breakup didn't go so well.


In addition to promising not to play games, the new team states that the reason unlocked iPhones were bricked during the 1.1.1 update was bunk code. According to the Elite Team, Apple's warnings about unlocked iPhone's software being damaged beyond repair by unlocking, were correct.


Meanwhile, the iPhone/iPod touch Jailbreak beta test is accepting brave souls to try out the latest hack.


MacBook may be heading to Santa Rosa: If you're in the market for a new MacBook you might want to hold off a few weeks. Leopard is scheduled to appear this month and rumors are circulating that a MacBook update will soon follow. Hold onto that credit card just a little bit longer.


Apple and Orange: The terms of the iPhones launch in France are still being hammered out while an alleged Orange employee spills the beans about launch day.


Hard drive based iPods on endangered list: Flash hard drive prices are falling and they may make their way into the entire iPod line. Thats good news for people waiting for a larger capacity iPhone and iPod touch.


Apple Mega-Store: A Manhattan-based architectural firm has posted renderings of an impressive Apple Store that would reside across the street from the Empire State Building.


And Finally: Never give your electronics to a German girl in a bikini. Just in case.



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