Happy Birthday Apple, Rumored Multi-Touch MacBooks, and Growing Mac Market Share

Happy Birthday Apple, Rumored Multi-Touch MacBooks, and Growing Mac Market Share


Apple turns 32: Time magazines looks back at the two men who change the world of computing.


Multi-touch MacBooks in 2010: Investment bank Piper Jaffray's oft-quoted analyst, Gene Munster, claims that Apple is already testing full multi-touch keyboard MacBooks, "with a launch timeframe of 2010.”


And a little more insight from analyst Gene Muster: The growing market share behind Apple is not the iPhone or the iPod according to Muster. It’s the Mac.


Blackberry vs. IPhone: Blackberry and iPhone the two dominate smartphones providers in the US, battle for dominance. Blackberry has 42 percent of the market and the iPhone has 12 percent. But the iPhone dominates in other categories.


Radiohead Remix: If you’ve listen to Radiohead’s “Nude” single but thought it needed more revisions. Here’s you chance to remix it. On iTunes you can purchase the song with all the elements (voice, bass, guitar, drum, and string/FX layers) for your own remix.


Michael Dell calls it quits: Dell no longer able to compete with Apples growing market share throws in the towel. April Fools!



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A magazine should not create anything with the number of typos I see here.



Hear, hear, sjds8! Or should that be "Here, here!" Whatever...




when is apple going to manufacture a tablet Mac?



I like the idea of a Multi-touch Mac (which is the real story), and I think Apple could implement this in pretty much every computer they make that has a display in it - not to mention their standalone displays. However, I would not want to type on an Apple Display or an iMac screen. For that reason, they should probably make a multi-touch keyboard as well. Secondly, I hope "multitouch" this time around will mean more than with your fingers. (In other words, stylus support PLEASE!)



The Apple II. Now that was a REAL computer.

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