Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


Lots happened while we were on our much-appreciated vacation, it seems—have you heard about this stock options probe? The latest is that Apple's internal probe has cleared Steve Jobs and current execs of wrongdoing, but the company has "serious concerns" about the actions of two former execs. Apple is restating its earnings, but this didn't seem to harm the stock price, which was up 4.6 percent as of Friday (there will be no trading today in honor of President Ford). Of course, it remains to be seen whether the SEC is investigating or will file charges, or whether this will ultimately affect Steve's…uh, job. Oh, and don't forget about the FairPlay antitrust suit, the class-action suit over the iBook G4, or the patent-infringement case over the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. Sounds like it was a merry Christmas for Apple's lawyers, at least.


Naturally, with a new year comes lots and lots and lots of predictions (and yes, Mac Expo rumors and predictions still abound…and abound and abound), as well as some cool 2006 best-of lists and awards. We've seen accolades given to the Mac Pro, the MacBook Pro, the whole Intel migration, and even to Apple for its marketing wizardry. January is also the Month of Apple Bugs, and the first bug, a vulnerability to QuickTime, actually applies to Windows, too.


In other news, the first batch of $100 laptops in the One Laptop Per Child program could be out in July, with test machines scheduled to ship in February. And speaking of laptops, Microsoft launched a bit of an online controversy by shipping free Acer Ferrari machines worth more than $2,000 (and loaded with Vista, naturally) to about 90 bloggers. Harmless perk or shameful bribe? The Internet loves to judge, as we all know. (Speaking of which, here's the forum thread about our new incarnation—watch newsstands on January 9 if you're not a subscriber!) As the Apple home page proclaims, "Welcome to 2007."



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