The removable accessory box locks into place.


Made of ABS plastic, the Hardcase offers your MacBook superstrong protection. We just couldn't get excited about its looks. We're not vain (well, not that vain), but when there are dozens of good-looking notebook cases that offer reliable protection, we can afford to be fashionable.


The pencil-case-like accessory box holds your MacBook's cables, power adapter, and maybe even a flash drive and a pack of Tic Tacs. There aren't any other pockets, in case you're used to carrying a backpack full of stuff. The Hardcase's lid can fold under the bottom to give your MacBook a lift. And the straps are removable and adjustable so you can wear the Hardcase as a backpack or over your shoulder.


The bottom line. The Hardcase is a stalwart, if visually plain, defender against bumps and dings to your MacBook.


COMPANY: RhinoSkin
CONTACT: www.saunders-usa.com
PRICE: $59.95
Sparse storage space. Like-it-or-leave-it looks.





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macbook case

great looking case no dought but a bit bulky consider i already got back.just got a regular case at macbook hard case and made a custom design MacBook Case



To me it's little bulky looking.
Try this hard case:
MacBook Hard Case
MacBook Hard Case

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