Jacket D7 Review

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Jacket D7 Review


If what you need is more of a sleeve, STM's D7 is worth a look. Available in two subtle color combos (gray with green accents, or brown with orange), the D7 features a sturdy zipper along two sides, and a handy outer pocket large enough for cables, chargers, and other small odds & ends. At only 25 bucks, the D7 is well-made, and an exceptional value compared to other cases less substantial cases and sleeves on the market. The padded sleeve is still slim enough to fit inside a bag or briefcase easily, or you can use the included shoulder strap and carry the D7 on its own. It does look a bit like a man-purse when carried that way, but if that works for you, we say "go for it."

The bottom line. Carried inside another bag or on its own, the D7 offers convenient, affordable, padded protection for your iPad mini.



Jacket D7


iPad mini


Part iPad sleeve, part carrying case. Can be used with slim cases. Good value.


Included strap makes the D7 look a bit "purse-y."



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