ShockDrop for iPad mini Review

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ShockDrop for iPad mini Review

Hard Candy's ShockDrop for iPad offers robust protection for your device. The two-piece design features a snap-on frame with a screen shield, which then gets stuffed into a textured silicone case. With the ShockDrop installed, your iPad is pretty well protected against all sorts of scrapes and drops. Thankfully, the screen shield is effective and easy to use. It didn't noticeably affect the iPad's touch response, although dust and debris can easily collect on the inside surface. The worst part about the ShockDrop is the fiddly installation, which takes a good deal of poking and prodding to get the silicone case and the plastic frame to mate together correctly. 

The bottom line. ShockDrop's heavy tire-tread design probably isn't for everyone, but the all-around protection works well for people who use their iPad in rugged environments.


ShockDrop for iPad mini

Hard Candy Cases

iPad mini


Rugged protection, including integrated screen shield. Textured surface offers additional grip.


Bulky. Can be tricky to install. Dust easily collects on inside of screen shield.



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