Holidays A'Poppin

Holidays A'Poppin

Apple offers a U.S. Holiday calendar (along with over 130 other calendars) that you can subscribe to.


iCal calendars that have been published by others on the Internet. After you subscribe to one or more of these published calendars, that calendar will always be kept current on your end as long as the “publisher” of that calendar keeps updating it on their end. So when you subscribe to a holiday calendar, for example, those holidays should continue to show up on your calendar year after year—without your needing to lift another finger.


The process of subscribing to a calendar is literally as easy as clicking on the download link for the calendar you want. Your calendar program will then open and ask you to confirm your new subscription.


Apple has posted several calendars that you can subscribe to at Apple’s calendars focus primarily on holidays for different countries around the world (including the United States) and many popular sports teams’ schedules.


And if you’re looking for an even larger variety of calendars to subscribe to, you can explore thousands of calendars available for subscription at iCalShare ( and iCalWorld ( These sites offer almost every type of calendar imaginable, including concert tour dates, TV show schedules, movie release dates, political events, and even local Macintosh user group gatherings.




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R. Percy

Just wanted to point out that Victoria Day-May 19th- is noticeably absent from the Apple Canadian Holidays Calendar.Oooops!



Just to add a note: for those of you unfortunate enough to use Entourage, there is a way to see holidays there as well. From the file menu select Import, choose import holidays and follow the prompts. You will then have your holidays to look forward to on Bill's product too!



Hey, I just did this - great tip of the day. Thanks!

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