Hordes of Orcs

Hordes of Orcs

A zoomed-in view lets you watch the orcs bleed. You’ll have to zoom out, though, to place the towers.


Orcs coming. Must kill orcs. Towers kill orcs. Must buy towers. Orcs drop cash. Buy more towers. Kill more orcs. Orcs come faster. More to kill. Kill, kill, kill.Hordes of Orcs is enjoyably primal. If you enjoy games like Beach Head 2000 for their repetitive killing, you’ll find a lot to like about this game, which should also thrill anyone whose favorite buildings in Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness were the guard and cannon towers.


The game begins with some orcs (naturally) charging from their entrance toward their goal. Your job, as defender of the village, is to place defense towers in their path—without blocking it totally—in order to kill those orcs before 20 of them reach the goal. The game gives you an array of defenses to place, from inexpensive arrow towers to the pricey nuclear tower, which radiates its targets and causes them to damage their neighbors. You can upgrade towers, enabling them to inflict more damage or hit more enemies. You can also cast spells on the orcs. If the stress of defending against moving targets overwhelms you, you can pause the game before building towers and casting spells.


Hordes’ numerous gameplay modes help keep the game from being too one-dimensional. Open Warfare is the simplest mode, with orcs running from left to right. Crossroads mode adds some orcs that move from the top to the bottom, too. In Capture the Flag, the orcs have to grab a flag and carry it through the exit to defeat you. Maze Defense requires you to defend a prebuilt maze, which is harder than it sounds. Pachinko mode lets the orcs decide, seemingly at random, which way they’ll go when they encounter intersections on the way to the goal. Another more random mode is Gem Drop, in which gems are randomly placed on the board after the game starts. Endless mode is unwinnable, a mere slash fest.


The bottom line. Until you develop an efficient strategy, Hordes of Orcs can be an interesting experiment in tower selection and placement. Once you’ve mastered the gameplay, you can go for high scores on Endless mode, or just keep it around for when you need a 10-minute fix of kill, kill, kill.


COMPANY: Freeverse

CONTACT: www.freeverse.com

PRICE: $24.95

REQUIREMENTS: 1.83GHz or faster CPU, Mac OS 10.3.9 or later

Everyone loves killing orcs. Several modes to keep things interesting. Universal binary.

Slaying orcs can get repetitive after a while.




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