Hot Air, Apple TV TiVo and More iPhone News and Rumors

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Hot Air, Apple TV TiVo and More iPhone News and Rumors


The Air, it burns: The recent MacBook Air software patch was aiming to relieve the burnt laps of Air users with its fine tuning of the Air's fan. Air owners in the land down under are still experiencing lock up issues because of the intense heat, even after the software patch.


Apple TV DVR patent: New patent filings show, what could be, Apple's plan to muscle in on the DVR market with the Apple TV. The redesigned Apple TV, would sport an upgraded remote with an LCD screen. For Apple TV holdouts, would Apple bringing DVR capabilities to the device push you to buy one?


iPhone getting Intel inside?: Ah Powerpoint, anyone can make a presentation and the world goes gaga if one of those slides has an iPhone. Apple is expected to migrate the iPhone from the Samsung ARM processor it currently possesses, to an Intel x86 processor. This is based on unnamed sources and a slide presentation at CeBIT.


Music Industry wants to charge you: The music industry's growing frustration with the illegal downloading of music has lead them to propose a piracy surcharge to broadband. It's like a tax everyone would pay, regardless if they steal music or not. We all know how people love to pay taxes.


Disney dollars: Disney has sold 4 million movies and 40 to 50 million videos through the iTunes store since 2006. That adds up to an estimated $122.8 million in revenue for the mouse house. While that is less than CEO Bob Iger had predicted for the company this year, it's better than nothing.


iPhone and multitasking: If you've heard rumblings that the iPhone can't multitask, take a look at this article.


Java on the iPhone: Sure Sun is developing Java for the iPhone. The question is, does the iPhone really need or want it?


SDK download numbers overblown?: Did Apple count incremental downloads while boasting the iPhone SDK numbers? Some people think so.


BBC fills DRM-free iPlayer hole: The BBC's iPlayer streaming service had a glaring DRM issue that allowed non-protected media to be streamed without DRM if you fooled the player into thinking you were browsing from an iPhone. The flaw has since been fixed.


Lawsuit blah blah blah: Apple blah blah blah ZapMedia Services blah blah blah. Infringes on patent blah blah blah. Internet blah blah media. Blah!




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This is what the Apple TV should have been all along. Hardly patent-worthy, since EyeTV, iRecord, and other solutions have been around for a long time, not to mention DVRs with DVD-burning capability.

What bums me out is that Apple is just now filing a patent... which means it won't be out for a while. They're a bit late to the game on this one.



I'm barely even interested in the Apple TV...but I would buy it in a red hot minute with a DVR!



The Apple TV won't have a place in my home until it can replace my TiVo.



Maybe the enhanced Apple TV remote will be the iPhone and iPod Touch. How cool would that be?



So by putting a tax on all broadband users, it would make it like I am paying for the music and therefore make services like limewire legit. I currently buy all of my music via iTunes, but why not just pay one low monthly fee for everything?



If this actually happened, I would show everyone from my grandmother to my accountant the best places to get the most music they can, just so we get what we're paying for...

I understand their frustration, but when are they going to realize bullying doesn't work when the whole school yards against you? They need to work WITH companies like Apple to figure ways to make getting legit tunes so easy and cool, you migrate that way naturally.



I agree. The first thing I thought when I read that was that I would not feel bad about downloading "illegally" if I paid a tax for it. I buy all of my music with iTunes as well but I would for the most part stop if I had to pay to download "illegally" anyways. There would be no reason for me to pay to download legally and illegally.

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