How can a make a screenshot of the Genie and Scale effects?

How can a make a screenshot of the Genie and Scale effects?

Salvador Dali, eat your soft heart out!


Slowing down the Dock's minimizing effects is simple - just hold Shift while clicking the orange minimize button to see the effect in glorious slow motion. But wait! There's more! Killing the Dock while a window is minimizing freezes the window midstream, leaving you free to snap screenshots (Command-Shift-3) or even work in the window (be warned, though: Your cursor doesn't get the gag and behaves as if the window hasn't changed). To perform this fishy feat, first launch the Terminal (/Applications/Utilities) and prepare the command: Type killall Dock but don't press Return to execute the command yet - first go back to the window you want to capture and hold Shift while clicking its minimizing button. As the window slowly changes shape and slides off the screen, you'll have plenty of time to switch back to the Terminal and hit Return, which quits (and automatically restarts) the Dock, leaving your window partially minimized.




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Thats cool, i really like the screenshot feature (control-shift-3) comes in handy. And thanks for the tip you guys know your macs.

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