How can I better sort and organize my iTunes?

How can I better sort and organize my iTunes?

The three buttons between the status windows and the search box in iTunes let you switch between the list view (default), the grouped-with-artwork view, and the cover browser.


Using iTunes’ cover browser is like sifting through a bin full of albums.


Press Command-B to send iTunes into Browser mode. This is a great way to peruse your library by genre and artist.


Add or remove the columns you want by pressing Command-J. A list of column options will appear; just check or uncheck the ones you want or don’t want to appear in your list.


Say it With a Script

You can use AppleScript, Apple’s scripting tool, to automate and control iTunes. Our favorite repository, Doug’s AppleScripts (free) for iTunes, has more than 400 AppleScripts—there’s a script that removes missing tracks, a script that can pull songs from your iPod and add them to iTunes, scripts to remove duplicate tracks, script to add song lyrics to a song, and a lot more.


Visualize a Better Visualizer

The Visualizer is eye candy, but why not make it candy that you like? Instead of sitting there and staring at the Visualizer, use these key commands to change its behavior.


Key Command Definition
C Displays current visualization configuration
Q and W Changes the form (the shape of the wave lines)
A and S Changes the effect
Z and X Changes the color
N Switches between high-contrast and normal colors
F Turns framerate display on/off
I Displays track info














Add variety to your Visualizer by installing one of these iTunes plug-ins.


iSpazz (free); For MacBook Pros and PowerBooks. It makes your keyboard backlight flicker in tiome with the music.


JewelCase (donationware); Shows the album art on a virtual jewel case.


Kaleidostrobe (donationware); Displays crazy kaleidoscope graphics.


Arkaos Visualizer (free); Funky beat-matching graphics.


Eyephedrine ($8); Mind-bending OpenGL 3D visualization.




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