How Can I Clean My Severely Scratched iPod?

How Can I Clean My Severely Scratched iPod?

We Brasso-buffed the heck out of this scratched first-generation iPod nano with excellent results.


Several companies sell acrylic polish and scratch removers specifically for iPods, but to remove really bad scratches, you’ll need to step up to an industrial-strength solution: Brasso brass polisher. Brasso actually grinds down the iPod’s surface to remove scratches. Needless to say, use extreme caution and a gentle touch.


What You Need

> Badly scratched acrylic iPod screen or casing

> Brasso ($5 at hardware stores)

> Chamois or microfiber cloth ($5 to $25 at auto stores)


1. A Little Dab'll Do Ya

Use a supersoft cloth: chamois, microfiber, or the one that came with your eyeglasses or camera lens will work. Whatever you do, don’t use a paper towel or T-shirt. Fold the cloth over on itself a couple of times for padding, and smear a small amount of Brasso on the cloth. Rub the iPod in a circular motion using extremely light pressure. We rubbed our most beat-up iPod for well over an hour before the scratches disappeared. Try to keep Brasso out of the gaps around the clickwheel, dock connector, and headphone orifices.


Take little dabs from a spoonful of Brasso.


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2. Buff It Up

When you think the scratches might be gone, stop rubbing - you can always apply more Brasso later if scratches remain. Use a clean part of the rubbing cloth to wipe off any Brasso residue, and then use another clean part of the cloth to further buff the iPod without abrasion. If you’re patient, the results can be quite impressive. More importantly, if you’re not patient, and you stop too soon or don’t completely buff off the Brasso, your iPod might come out looking worse than when you started.


Don’t skimp on the polishing cloth - you’ll want to finish with a clean patch.


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Approved iPod Cleaners

If Brasso seems a little extreme, try these gentler cleaners first - both types come with the all-important microfiber polishing cloth.

> Ice Creme ($21) is an acrylic polishing kit from RadTech that comes with enough solution to clean a dozen or so
iPods. Ice Creme M ($26) adds a metal polish for the iPod’s back.

> Applesauce Polish ($20) includes a mild abrasive and a finishing gel, but nothing for the shiny metal back.




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would ice cream or the applesauce polish work on a white macbook?



I would probably check the manufacturer's website for information regarding that.

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