How can I control the volume of individual applications separately?

How can I control the volume of individual applications separately?

Last month, a reader asked if we knew of a way to mute the sound of specific apps on his Mac (specifically his Web browser) so as not to distract from the sounds coming from other apps - namely iTunes. A temporary brain cramp helped us forget about Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack Pro ($32), a powerful app for recording sounds that come from and through your Mac (another question we hear frequently), which also has the ability to silence the sound output of any apps you designate. Download and install the app, pony up your shareware fee, and start the silencing.


As you can see in the screenshot below, it’s pretty self-explanatory: Select Safari from the left-side list of apps and click the Mute button. Add other apps to the source list by clicking the plus-sign icon, and don’t forget, if your system sounds become annoying, you can silence them via the Sound pane in Mac OS X’s System Preferences—or try another Rogue app, SoundSource (free,, to route system noise to a sound output that you’re not using, such as your Mac’s built-in speaker if you’re using external speakers, or digital-out if you’re not.


Besides its ridiculously cute mascot, Rogue Amoeba makes some crazy-good, useful software.




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Bernardo Obaya

Wrote you guys with this a couple of days ago... so I figured I'd paste it here

Bernardo Obaya
August 20, 2007 12:21:47 AM CDT


On your ask section of the August 07 issue, someone asked if there
was a way to turn off the sound on safari or firefox... to which you
answered that (oddly enough) you'd never "heard" of an app specific
volume controller...

I happen to know (or should I say hear) about one app that works
wonders for me, even though the developpers have stopped supporting
it. It is called DETOUR by ROGUE AMOEBA and Its main purpose of
existance is to regulate app specific volume.

And tthe best part is that it is free now.

Hope this helps!

P.s. It boosts my mac-user ego to find out that I can actually
contribute to such a great mag like yours.



Yeah but...
Detour only works on Power PC Macs. No Intel.

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