How can I customize iChat?

How can I customize iChat?

iChat is a clean, capable little instant messaging app, but it can leave some IM addictsfeeling less than impressed. Kent Sutherland's Chax (free) addresses iChat's shortcomings by adding dozens of minor tweaks. Chax installs as an icon within iChat's Preferences. We wouldn't dare suggest exactly how you should whip iChat into shape - it's best to download Chax and see for yourself. Instead, here are our five favorite features. Each is activated by a checkbox in the appropriate section.


1. Enable tabbed chats (under the Tabs tab - no kidding).

2. Allow notification of new messages to show up in the Dock (Notifications tab).

3. Automatically reconnect when you're booted off the network (General tab).

4. Select among multiple screen names for the same buddy by control-clicking a name and selecting the screen name you want.

5. Hide open windows and new messages when iChat is inactive (General tab).


Chax lets you add Dock-based notification to iChat-among many other improvements.




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