How can I maximize my productivity when Web browsing?

How can I maximize my productivity when Web browsing?

If you’re like us, you probably spend (or should we say waste?) hours surfing the Internet each day. Here’s how to shave a few minutes off of that by using Apple’s Safari Save Your Faves. Instead of individually launching all the websites you visit each morning, launch them all at once. Go to Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks and click Bookmarks Bar in the Collections pane. Add a new folder (Bookmarks > Add Bookmark Folder) and name it something like Daily Sites. To put bookmarks in it, visit the site you want, select Bookmarks > Add Bookmark, and choose the folder you just created in the pop-up menu. To launch all of your favorite sites at once, click that folder in the Bookmarks Bar and select Open in Tabs.


Open all of your favorite sites at once with a single click.


Turbocharge Your Tabs

If you’re addicted to browser tabs, you need Saft ($12). This handy plug-in integrates with Safari’s menus, allowing you to change the order of tabs by dragging them around, or to use the Google search box with other search engines. But the feature we can’t live without is the ability to bookmark a group of tabs all at once (Bookmark > Bookmark This Group of Tabs) so you have instant access to them the next time you open Safari.


Juggling tabs becomes much less of an issue with Saft.


Base Your Bookmarks on the Web

You can store bookmarks in Safari, but if you have multiple machines, it means re-creating them on each. Use the Web-based bookmarking site instead. Register with the site, add buttons to Safari’s Bookmarks Bar, and then drag a URL onto the Post To button to store a bookmark, or click My to access your list of sites.


Email URLs Quicker

Do you email oodles of Web pages and URLs? This blink-of-an-eye shortcut will have you harassing your friends in record time. To send a Web address from Safari, press Command-Shift-I, and a new message window will open in your default email client with the URL filled in. To send the entire Web page, hit Command-I. (Unfortunately, this second command doesn’t work with Microsoft’s Entourage, only Apple’s Mail.)




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