How can I set up a static IP address?

How can I set up a static IP address?

Now your Mac will always use the same IP address.


Just to clarify some terms here, AirPort is looking for a static IP on your local network, not telling you to upgrade your ISP service to a premium account with a dedicated, static IP address. You just need to set up your Mac to always use the same IP address.


Open System Preferences' Network pane.


Select your active connection from the Show menu.


Press the TCP/IP tab and set Configure IPv4 to Using DHCP With Manual Address.


Now pick an IP adress within AirPort's range (the default range is to and click Apply. Now proceed with setting up your port-forwarding via the otherwise self-explanatory AirPort Admin Utility.




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"The "Using DHCP with manual address" feature is for connecting to routers that use the DHCPINFORM protocol. AirPort base stations assign addresses without using this protocol."

Therefore, it does not actually work with the Airport Extreme :) I tested it and it doesnt work.



The Airport Admin Utility might be self-explanatory, but when I set up port forwarding it doesn't work. I must be missing somethig obvious. Could you cover that, too?

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