How can I silence my Mac's start-up chime?

How can I silence my Mac's start-up chime?

To some of us it's comforting, but to others it's annoying. Here's how to keep that "bonnnng" quiet, once and for all.


The startup chime is the first sound you hear from your Mac, a resonating Zen-like thrum that fills many Mac aficionados with inner peace. But for those of us who prefer our workspaces silent, TinkerTool System ($10) from Marcel Bresink provides a handy checkbox that can mute the chime.


To find this option, click the Startup button in the top navigation menu, and then select the Startup Chime tab. Put a check in the box next to "Mute the startup chime," and your Mac won't make a peep the next time you power up.


Besides filling your workspace with the sound of silence, TinkerTool System can also remove leftover files from deleted applications, delete Web browser caches and icons, and perform a host of other housekeeping tasks.

Here's one of the simplest dialogs you'll ever see - but remember, TinkerTool System can do a whole lot more, as well.




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Bob C

TinkerTool is great, but if all you want to do is quiet the chime, there is a free utility: StartupSound.prefPane.
It is widley available, but also from


Mike Matthews

On my Intel-based iMac, leaving the system volume muted at shutdown results in no startup chime.


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