How do I change the old-style-iMac icon in my Finder-window Sidebar to match my sleek new iMac?

How do I change the old-style-iMac icon in my Finder-window Sidebar to match my sleek new iMac?

Now that's an iMac!


Good eye there, scout. There are a few ways to update that icon. First the tricky way: Replace the file imac.icns. Find it by navigating to /System/Library/CoreServices, then Control-click CoreTypes.bundle and select Show Package Contents. In the resulting window, dig into Contents/Resources and replace iMac.icns (an administrator password is required), then restart your Mac or log out and log back in to see the results. Finding ICNS files is the real trick; we found the sexy one in the screenshot, and tons more, at Jonas Rask Design (free, If you want a nearly endless supply of icons, try CandyBar ($12.95,, which lets you easily change any or all of your system icons. Cooler yet, you can download oodles of free (free for personal use, anyway) CandyBar-friendly icon sets at the Iconfactory (




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I didn't see mention of the simple way to change an icon . . . highlight the hard drive or any folder you wish to change the icon of and hit command+i for get info . . . then do the same for the file image you wish to substitute for the existing icon, click on the little image in the get info window and hit command+c to copy it then switch back to the get info box for the icon you wish to change, click on the icon image you want to change and hit command+v to paste. A fantastic freeware app for making custom icons complete with borders and drop shadows out of many different image formats, (jpegs, giffs etc) is CoCoThumbX available at

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