How do I convert Super 8 film into a digital format?

How do I convert Super 8 film into a digital format?

Converting Super 8 film - as in celluloid - to bits and bytes? That's a tough nut to crack, given that the ubiquitous analog-to-digital converters require a device with RCA, component, S-Video, or other video technology that's not likely present on your Super 8 projector. Super 8's image track doesn't even use an analog electronic signal - it's pure, good ol' fashioned light through film.


That leaves you two options: One, pay a professional film digitizer big bucks to convert it for you; or two, hijack the footage drive-in style by projecting the Super 8 film onto a screen or wall while capturing the action with a video camera - some modern camcorders can even record directly to your hard drive. Good luck.




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I suggest that you go with option A and let a professional super8 converting studio do it for you since they both have the experience and the equipment to do it. I'd rather pay to have all the family memories restored in digital form.



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I tried to project on a wall and use a camcorder to capture the footage but it didn't look good. The problem, it has to be very dark in the room for the "Super 8" projector to look good and videotaping with a camcorder in the dark is obviously not the greatest. Any tricks ???

Thanks !



i really recommend digitizing with a (semi)professional. the image get's so much better. while you're at it, it's worth the money. i mean you don't digitzie your photographs by taking a picture of them with your digital camera. you loose so much preciousness of the image.

there's a lot of DIY filmfreaks offering services as cheap as $ 5.-/per roll (3min.) recording directly to DV tape (bring your own tape). they can even control the aperture and shutter speed and improve the quality. don't go for the high-end postproduction though, they are too expensive because they are over-equiped for your (mostly private) needs. best ist to check local super8 clubs/freaks and ask for more information.



To just add to the Super 8 tip. Make the projected size very small, like 12 inches square. The colours come out much more vibrant.


Rob Potts

I have equipment to do it. There is much more to it than just than mentioned above. I will actually take your film clean it, recondition it, fix any splices or breaks and then do a frame by frame capture of the film to DV. You will get the film and a MiniDV tape back with your footage. Then you can pull it into your own video app (iMovie, FCP, FCE) and edit to your harts content. A 50ft reel (3-4 min of video) will cost $20 USD. Turn around time is 3-4 weeks depending on the condition of the film you supply.

I'm re-working my web site but should have it backup in a week or so with my contact information.


William Medlen


I have about 7 rolls of old super 8mm film of old family days… I need to have them made into digital disks so I can edit them and make up a DVD for my family members… I have several programs which I can use to edit them with fades and so forth, but I first need them in a digital format…

Can you do this and what is the cost? Can i get a discout on the number of rolls you convert?

Please reply soon as I need to get starting on this project… I will be also using a lot of old pictures of which I have already scanned from originals …I will be mixing them with film clips and adding music….

Please let me know if you can get me started by making the 8mm film transferred to a dvd and how much and how long would it take…also any special info on my packaging the spools of film…by the way, If I remember I believe the spools are what, 50 ft or 25 ft long?? I know they are rather small….

Please advise….Thanks, William Medlen



The party is March 29th not March 20



My sons are coming in from out of state and we are having a party March 20 is there anyway we could get this done by then - If i don't ask I'll never know. Thanks I hope to hear from you soon


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