How do I erase the Open Recent menu from Windows Media Player for Mac?

How do I erase the Open Recent menu from Windows Media Player for Mac?

Wipe out potentially embarrassing titles from the Open Recent list.


Although the Mac is growing in popularity, it’s still a Windows world - many downloadable videos are in some sort of Windows Media format that won’t play in QuickTime (the file name usually has a .asf or .wmv extension). You can watch them in Windows Media Player.


Windows Media Player keeps a list of recently played videos, and there's no option to turn this list off. But there is a way to clear the list. Here's how.


1. Quit Windows Media Player


2. Find the Windows Media Player icon on your hard drive. It's probably in your Applications folder. Or use Spotlight to search for it.


3. Right-click (or control-click) on the Windows Media Player icon and select Show Package Contents.


4. A window with a Contents folder should open. Double-click the Contents folder.


5. Find the file Info.plist. Click and drag it to your desktop.


6. Go back to the Windows Media Player icon and double-click it. It'll look like the software tried to launch, but nothing happens. That's OK.


7. Drag the Info.plist file back to the Contents folder.


8. Launch Windows Media Player. The Open Recent menu should be dimmed, because it's empty.


Your privacy has been saved.




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I did this, but now I have no sound.
How do i fix this?



That worked perfectly. How do you come up with these crazy roundabout ways to do things? =/


Dennis Amero

I was successful in clearing the Windows Media Player "Open Recent" list, however, it appears the audio has been corrupted. When I reopened the application, sound was muted. Unmuting the sound, I discovered I'd lost my left side of stereo. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks ~ Dennis



There's another solution that's really much simpler. Download Flip4Mac and watch your [PORN] movies in Quicktime! Quicktime has the "Clear Recent" menu item built in. Plus, you don't have to run the Windows MP at all. I have been using this plug-in for several months, and have yet to come across any .wmv file that won't play thru Quicktime. And, despite being from MicroSuck, it seems bug-free so far. Here is the link:

Happy viewing (you dirty porn watcher, you). :-D



And exactly what might you not want us to be seeing that you've been watching, Mr. Loyola? Porn? Terrorism instruction videos? YouTube clips abut how wonderful Vista is?



You got me. I've been watching this video on a constant loop lately, and I'm a little embarassed ...




I've received a few emails saying that there's an easier way to do this:


1) Open your user preference folder (User/Library/Preferences)
2) Delete the file Windows Media Player Prefs

3) Crack open a brew, kick back, and write to that Loyola guy to tell him he's stupid.


I found that this solution didn't work for me all the time. Don't know why (maybe someone can explain to me why). But the steps explained in the article worked on all the Macs I tried it on.


If the simpler solution works for you, go with it. Or you can stop watching pr0n/terrorist movies/Vista clips and not have to worry about the Open Recent list.



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