How to Mash Up RSS Feeds with Yahoo Pipes

How to Mash Up RSS Feeds with Yahoo Pipes

3. Sort the Results
Click the arrow next to the Operators set and drag the Sort module to the workspace. Connect the Sort module to the Fetch module by clicking the circle on top of Sort and dragging it to the circle at the bottom of Fetch. A blue pipe will appear to connect the two. (All modules must be connected this way.) In the Sort module, select PubDate from the first drop-down menu, and select Descending from the second. This will list the entries in our combined feed from newest to oldest. (If you'd prefer to read them oldest to newest, then select Ascending instead.)


Connect modules by dragging a blue pipe from the top of one to the bottom of another.


4. Filter by Keyword
Drag the Filter module from the Operators toolset, drop it below the Sort module, and connect the two modules. In the drop-down menus under Rules, select Title, Body, or Description, depending on which you want to search. (Description generally returns more results than Title, but if you don't see it as an option, your feeds don't provide a description, so pick Title or Body.) The drop-down menu at the top lets you block or permit items on the basis of the keywords you provide in the Rules section. If you want to see only items that contain Steve Jobs, then select Permit and enter Steve Jobs into the text box. Want a broader filter that allows anything but Britney Spears? Then select Block and type Britney Spears in the text box. (Block is an excellent tool for creating annoyance filters for general news feeds.) You can add as many conditions as you like by clicking the plus icon and typing more keywords.


Don't be too picky with your keywords in the Filter module, or your feed will return no results.


5. Eliminate Redundancies
Nothing wastes time like a duplicate, so drag and drop the Unique module below the Filter module. Select Title from the
drop-down menu and your pipe will show only original items. Connect the Unique and Filter modules with the usual drag-and-drop method.




Dump duplicate entries with the Unique module.






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Sara IM Reader

HiDoes any one know add to add dates to a Yahoo pipe output posts? So that it will show the dates of each post?Thank you,Sara



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Can i use it to translate a site ? like: Histoires Érotiques ?



read all of your comments - went and set up an account at fwicki and set up some feed mashups. maybe it's better for a very simple mashup - but it offers nowhere near the range of options of pipes -

for example, if i want to combine an RSS feed with a search from a given URL, filtered by a keyword, I can do it on Pipes - but nothing even close on fwicki. And that just scratches the surface of what Pipes can do.


Myo Kyaw Htun

Actually, I like to create atom mixed up with my fav rss urls. But pipes produce only atome feed :( so poor. I can't read full feed even the original rss are full feed atom format.



I have to agree with Myo and George. Pipes leaves alot to be desired. Yes Myo, I like to create a various mix of feeds, some are even earlier versions of RSS. Pipes is not my choice at all, I think it is lacking.
And thanks for the tip George. You are right. I went to Fwicki after reading this post and signed up for a free account. I agree with you George, it is much simpler and easier to use. Creates great mashups. I like the cool reader page it creates too and I can customize my reader.



I have a Yahoo! Pipes account... and quite frankly I must say it is not something I use. Pipes is clumsy and cumbersome at best. Why bother? When I want a simple way to create a killer RSS syndication mashup... I go to Fwicki! (the best in my opinion...) preceeded Yahoo! Pipes and Fwicki is much simpler to use.

Sorry Jonathon... but I have to disagree with you about Pipes. In my opinion, Pipes are a bit clogged... but don't fuss with calling the plumber, just go to Fwicki. Make it easy!




@George: Guess who works for Fwicki. . .

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