How to Get in on the Wiki Revolution

How to Get in on the Wiki Revolution



On a home or office Mac, a wiki can help you organize and interlink your notes and ramblings. All the better if your Mac is on a network where others can access the wiki as a communal virtual whiteboard. But you'll need to set up a server first.


1. Shortcut to the Server
If we want to use the latest version of MediaWiki, we need the latest versions of MySQL and PHP, available in the free MAMP kit ( The catch: MAMP doesn't upgrade your Mac's Apache server or PHP engine so you can host your wiki on your Mac's built-in Web server. Instead, MAMP installs a completely new server environment - perfect if you don't already run a site on your Mac, but problematic if you do. To run your wiki on the same server as your website, skip MAMP and update your Mac's existing Web server by downloading the latest MySQL and PHP distributions from Marc Liyanage's Mac OS X Packages site ( Then skip ahead to step 3.


MAMP includes a control panel, handy Web interface, and phpMyAdmin for configuring the MySQL database.



2. MAMP = Macintosh Apache MySQL, PHP

If you don't need to upgrade your Mac's Web server, download MAMP and drag the MAMP folder to your /Applications folder. Double-click the MAMP icon to open the MAMP control panel, which should automatically load the MAMP Start Page into your default Web browser (if it doesn't, click Open Start Page). The Start Page contains the MySQL server information that you'll need to install MediaWiki, including a link to the phpMyAdmin app for configuring and managing MySQL. Unless you change MAMP's settings, your wiki directory and any other Web documents should go into the htdocs directory inside the MAMP folder.


Unless you change its settings, the MAMP server uses port 8888 and its own htdocs folder.


3. Just Add Wiki
Download and uncompress MediaWiki, rename the folder wiki, drop it into your /MAMP/htdocs folder, and load the installer by loading localhost:8888/wiki/ in a browser. If you changed MAMP's ports to the default (see "Make MAMP Your Main Server"), omit the port number (:8888). Set up MediaWiki using the MySQL server location and root user info from step 2. Once installed, move the wiki/config/LocalSettings.php file into your main wiki directory.


If you updated your existing Web server in step 1, drop the wiki folder into /Library/WebServer/Documents and load localhost/wiki/ in a browser. Follow the prompts to complete the setup.


Using the (MySQL) superuser account gives MediaWiki's installer the teeth to create a wiki MySQL user and database table for us.


BONUS TIP: Make MAMP Your Main Server
If you want to replace your built-in Web server with the MAMP kit, open the Apache section in MAMP's Preferences and enter /Library/WebServer/Documents in the Document Root field. Then go to the Ports section and click Set To Default Apache And MySQL Ports.





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