How to Put More Technology into Schools

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How to Put More Technology into Schools



OMG, I totally cherish you too!




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Emily Wood

I wanted to thank you personally for funding my iPod project! It is a humble start (just 3 iPods to begin with) but I hope others will read this and continue to give as you have so I can have a whole class set! Reading your article has inspired me to create another Donors Choose proposal! Although if anyone wants to donate to my project specifically, I have moved to West Portal School in SF. I would also be happy to take all those extra iPods you have lying around your apartment off your hands:) Just kidding, well, sort of.
Thanks a bunch!
Emily Wood



Hey Susie, remember my "Education Tour" earlier this year? Miraloma was at the top of our list. But SFUSD assigned us to a different school. I'll have to remember this program and mention it to the PTA when the school year starts. Great article.

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