10 Fifteen-Minute How-To's for Macs



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"So the easiest solution is to purchase an AirPort Extreme and a NAS (short for “network attached storage”) drive, keep your library ­on the NAS, and use MediaRover to make sure all your computers use that one central library."
Easy as pie.



Thank you for these types of articles. I am a relatively new user (2 years) and I can't get enough of these "How to" types of articles.

Thanks again.


Dp aj4

After doing the 4th tip under "terminal tricks" to create a stack for recent items, my iMac won't respond. HELP!!! can anyone help me to recover. Did anyone actually test these "tricks".

Guess I should know that executing a command with'kill' in it wouldn't be a good thing



I have had a problem with the data on my Mac not synchronizing with the MobileMe site. Repeated resets did not seem to help. However, I have found that restoring my iCal data from the saved archive before resetting/restoring to MobileMe seems to do the trick. Very strange, but it seems to work.



Keep trying to put the spacers in the doc. Love the organization tool but it is not working. Here is the message I keep getting:

2011-01-19 11:24:13.499 defaults[43792:903] Could not parse: {"tile-type"="spacer-tile";}defaults. Try single-quoting it.

I changed the double quotes to single quotes but it is still not working. Would really appreciate clarification.




You forgot an easy fix for most software issues:

Delete (or better yet; rename) the applications settings folder from your library. This forces the application to rebuild it, and it usually fixes any issues with corrupted or obsolete settings.

In most cases, the application will start to behave properly again.

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