10 Ways to Soup Up Apple Mail



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I highly recommend Mailhub. I've used it for more than a year now and could not live without it. If you store emails in your own folders, Mailhub is THE tool to have. It not only stores incoming email easily and intuitively for you, but it also stores out-going email too! No other email client or add-on offers this capability. Despite Apple Mail's weaknesses, with Mailhub added on it is a superior choice over Outlook and any other email program.



I think some of these apps are pretty cool. I have 2 exchange accounts and a mobile me account. Generally apple mail has been very good. But there is a lot of functionality you can't access without Outlook 2011 or Entourage. My beef is that many of these apps get wiped out when apple makes changes.

For example letterbox was one that I used to like that now resides in the disabled plugins folder...

My opinion is that Apple being so well known for it's thoughtful products (meaning well engineered.) should build a great deal more functionality into core native apps. Especially since they are really seeking to extend into business community.

You can build functionality and simplicity together.

Out of this batch I have tried mail tags. It is pretty solid. It just seems silly to spend 30 on an app plugin. You could purchase Outlook and all it's functionality for $30-50. BTW, I am not an outlook lover. It's just a financial comment.




I would highly recommend Herald as a Snowy compatible replacement for Mail Appetizer. Erik, the developer, does a great job of keeping it up to date.




How can I undo Step 8. Get Attached?



I don't know why you're recommending Mail.Appetizer. It's not compatible with Snow Leopard.



You didn't mention the best of all Apple's built-ins:

While in Mail, click command-i to see what mail is on your ISP's server. Can delete inbox garbage directly without ever downloading it.



Does anyone else attach photos to their mail?

If you use iPhoto you can't browse to your pictures very easily.

Previously, one could send photos directly from iPhoto, which was a good reason to use mail. But with the new version of iPhoto, you can only send dumb looking post cards which only allow 4 lines of text. (And are larger image files.)

Is there any workaround to Apple's stupidity except dragging them over? (So now you have either full size or very small pictures.) And, if you are using spaces, mail and iPhoto need to be on the same space.




The latest update to iphoto 11 allows you to chose mail as the default for sending pictures, just like before. I changed my preferences to that and now am a happy camper again. Go to: iphoto>preferences>general>email photos using (choose your poison). Have a good one.



So, $177 dollars in shareware fees later, this is going to fix all my problems.




I tried so many different times to use Apple Mail, and every time went back to Thunderbird. Mail consistently had issues connecting with mail servers, to the point that I spent more time deleting accounts and readding them than I did actually reading email. Once I went back to Thunderbird...no issues EVER. I'm actually disappointed, as I'd have loved to use a lot of Mail's integration features. Still, Thunderbird works really well with no problems (for me, at least).



Good article about how to soup up Mail.
The decision has been made to migrate to Mail from Entourage.
I would like to see some exact instructions to follow to make a seamless transition to Mail from Entourage 2008.
Importing everything to Mail is not a familiar step for everyone. Some of us need some hand holding.



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