11 Unix Commands Every Mac Geek Should Know



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They use to have on the mac laptops is a univeral trashcan... my sister found it and put it in my computer, so I can delete anything I want from the top of by browser. it was a red circle with a red slash thru it. I can't seem to find it since i have up graded to 10.6 but I will ask her where she got it. And then I will get back to u so may be it will be easier for Linux people to have one.



Another one that should have been included is 'ps', to show what processes are running & how much CPU they're using.



Good stuff. Two more I think are good to know are "open" and "shutdown".

"open" followed by the path of a file or application opens that file or application. Handy for editing files you've found in the Terminal, such as /etc/hosts, and/or launching applications with root privileges (combine with "sudo").

"shutdown" is of course, for shutting down when other methods aren't working. It's much more "graceful" than holding down power or pulling the plug/battery as long as you can get to the terminal. The full incantation for an immediate restart (admin password required) is

sudo shutdown -r now

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