25 Top OS X Terminal Tips



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I tried the sudo command in terminal and i did it wrong! so now every time i start up terminal its just a blank box with no directorys or your name or last login its just blank anyone know how to fix this??? please help!!!



I'm positive that I put in the command right, but widgets don't just stay on the desktop, they stay permanently on top. Am I doing this wrong or does that just happen?

I'm running Leopard.



I have eMacs version 22.1. Is that compatible with the code you guys provided?



Nevermind. I notice it is a typed message, not voice. Whatever!



I tried to do the Recently Used comman in terminal but when I executed it my Dock disappeared and my computer locked up. When I turn my computer off and back on the Dock is still not there and the computer continues to lock up. Can someone tell me how to undo this and fix my Dock?!



To fix the problem power off the computer. Restart in Safe mode (power on and hold SHIFT until the cog starts spinning). Select your profile. Open a new finder window and select your user name under places (ie the house icon). Open Library>Preferences and highlight com.apple.dock.db AND com.apple.dock.plist. Drag these files to your desktop. Restart your computer. Login like you usually do. Your dock should be back to normal and the computer shouldn't freeze up. Trash the 2 files copied to your desktop. If you open up the pathway again you will find they were automatically replaced. Many thanks to apple support for the advice.



I knew that the bookmarks were automatically transferred to my iPhone but my question is this. I recently got an iPhone for my wife. She noticed this and somehow deleted all of our bookmarks from our Mac. Short of typing each one back into the address bar is there a way to "reverse" the process?



Enable Debug Mode in Safari, make sure a window is open, go to Debug -> Show Page Load Test Window, click where it says "Suite" and choose URL. Click Start and watch what happens. A rare, strange but funny OS X easter egg!



What is meant by "Using a robotic voice reminiscent of a 1950s sci-fi flick"?? The default voice in Leopard & Snow Leopard is "Alex", which is, by all accounts, one of the - if not "THE" - best synthesis voices in the industry. See, for example:


...for more details, as well as other usage ideas.

You can obviously choose other voices (including some entertaining "Novelty" voices) via the Speech preference pane, but out-of-the-box, your Mac certainly does not sound "robotic".



I go to the trouble of formatting the URLs with anchor tags, and the MacLife site STILL doesn't render them as clickable. Wonderful.



Some of them I never known before. Useful for sure!

iPod transfer for Mac users



Enable Debug Mode in Safari, make sure a window is open, go to Debug -> Show Page Load Test Window, click where it says "Suite" and choose URL. Click Start and watch what happens. A rare, strange but funny OS X easter egg!


James Pal

hey i tried "14. Recently Used" but it's not working im running the latest Snow Leopard (10.6.4) does it not work for it?

Edit: meh it's ok after i entire a different command a ton poped up in my dock!



I did a quick count and 84% of these tips are just hidden preferences. Sure the terminal is one way of changing those settings, but so are slick freebies such as the Secrets pref pane.

Love the Star Wars tip though, that one's awesome.

Here's a non-preference-related terminal tip: use SSH from another machine to kill misbehaving apps or semi-gracefully shut down a locked up machine. This would look something like

$ ssh other-machine
other-machine$ sudo shutdown -r now

Edit: 3 Terminal tips and 22 Hidden Preferences. Guess I miscounted.

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