3 Ways to Easily Print Documents from your iPad or iPhone



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Use either PrintCentral or PrintnShare Pro - practically everyone in our office uses these apps - both for here and at home (with the Extreme) ; also is a prerequisite for when I travel. cant rave about them enough.



Do any of the apps work with an Apple Exteme connected printer?



Been using Printopia since AirPrint for iOS first shipped. Prints to my Ethernet-connected Brother B&W laser printer (indirect connection to the iMac via IP) as well as print-to-PDF onto the desktop of the iMac.

No need to replace legacy printers. No need to add more "things" to the limited bandwidth of the local WiFi. No need for an AirPlay-enabled hub. $20 and 10 minutes to download and install. I've never had to mess with it since. Work well. Works Simply. Works.


Dug Crates

I haven't used it for awhile, but, an free App called AirPrint Activator(was hacktivator) was really easy to install and configure. It was set it and forget it. Only catch is your computer needs to be on.



Printopia is aptly named. Utopian printing. Easy.
Love it.

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