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So your Action 2 works pretty well for adding songs to iTunes, but I have two questions.

1) Is there a way to have it clean up and delete the file from the Downloads folder?
2) For use with smart playlists I'm using the Set Info option to add #single to the mp3 comment field but it only works if the comment field is blank. Any way to override this or clear the field first? I already tried adding the Set Info twice and having the first one Set Info of Comment to empty.



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After running this workflow it is only returning me with URL's for the mp3 files playing on the page. Is it supposed to return with actual files or just the URL for each mp3?



In your instructions you say to " select Compress PDF Pages" What you meant was "select Combine PDF Pages". What I'd really like to see are examples of more in-depth tasks using variables and the more powerful stuff Automator can do.  Explain how to apply more logic to the coding.



Thanks for the pdf tip. My wife will really appreciate this then next time she has to edit a bazillion page pdf file. But yes I do have a request. Would love to figure out an automator action or applescript to toggle back to my mac on or off as it doesn't play nice with vpns and I lose a lotta clicks turning it on and off. Strangely I can't see _any_ automator actions for any of the system preferences panes. THought this would be ideal use.

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