5 Simple Ways to Reclaim Disk Space



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Searching and deleting useless items whether its data or an application , can be done manually if you are at drive of few GBs. What about the drive having size in TBs.

There you need a drive cleaner like Stellar Speed Up Mac to reclaim free space in hard drive.



Something that bothered me for a long time was an issue I was having with iTunes displaying certain songs as duplicates, when in reality ,they were probably the same song title, same band, but recorded on different albums. (i.e. studio vs. live album).

I noticed that when select "File" from the menu bar in iTunes, and hold the option key down, "Display Duplicates" becomes "Display Exact Duplicates". This option only shows the songs with ALL of the same information, most likely a song that is actually a duplicate.

From there, it was easy to delete the extra songs that I had in my library. Allowed me to weed out 70 songs (around 5MB for each song = 350 MB).

That's a good amount of wasted space!



That's a very good point! Thanks for letting us know about this feature. 


Mr. Happypants

What about the utilities that claim to "trim" apps already installed that may contain code for non 64-bit systems & are larger than necessary? I'm kind of skeptical to go messing with full on applications like that, although I guess with a good Time Machine backup first it might be worth a shot.



Those applications may work well, but mileage could vary on some applications. It would be best to back up the application and it's data before trying it.

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