5 Tips for Mastering Adobe Photoshop Elements 10



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I'm using Aperture 3 and PSE 9. I was new to photography and both programs about 6 months ago. There was no real organizer in PSE 9 for the Mac so I got Aperture for organization intending to do all my editing in PSE 9. I found the editing tools in Aperture a lot easier to learn and found myself using it for all my editing too. After reading a book on PSE editing I found some things that I wanted to do but could not in Aperture so now I use both. I still use Aperture editing more than PSE but maybe that will change.

Short answer. PSE is more powerful for editing but you can learn Aperture more quickly and do a lot of nice stuff with it. Maybe as much as you will ever want to.

Does anyone have a report on the PSE 10 organizer?



Ya Mac|Life give us some help...Is Aperture really easier than PSE 10....And I know Aperture 3 goes for around $79.00 but what about PSE 10?



Aperture 3 is so much easier & can do so much more



PSE looks like it has some nice features but which is better; Aperture 3 or PSE 10?

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