5 Tips for Using the New Camera Features in iOS 5



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Very useful article. I'll have to read the one on editing photos. The thing I don't get is why some of my photos seem to go on Photo Stream and some just into Camera Roll. I'll have to test more.

By the way... what is that picture on your home screen? I really love it!! Where can I get it?



"You can now access the built-in Camera application right from your Lock Screen. With your device powered off, simply double-tap on the Home button."

Umm, don't you mean with your device in sleep or locked? Because if it's off, it's not going to do anything, since the device is in fact not turned on. Just sayin'.


Mr. Happypants

Whoa, I just noticed when viewing photos in the Camera Roll, there's an "Edit" button up top that does rotating, Auto-enhance, red-eye removal and cropping! Was that there before the iOS 5 update?



Yes, this is a new feature of iOS 5. We've covered editing photos in our article "How to Edit Photos in iOS 5," which can be found here: goo.gl/8TcSN

It's a really great new feature.



thanks for doing this. very useful, and short! I'd just add that those Options you mention only come up with the rear-facing camera.
Now can you do the same for iCloud - confuses the heck out of me, and I've had Macs since 1984...

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