5 Ways to Make iTunes Playlists



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Carsten Legaard

You've made it to a Christmas and Holiday playlist, congratulations! But your goal was to exclude those songs from other playlists. Doesn't that remain to be done??



I'm not sure #3 will work quite as intended, though I wish it would. Let's say my most played song in the past is "New York, New York." I used to love it. I've played it 300 times. But now I don't want to listen to it so much. So I haven't played it in the past year. If I set up the Smart Playlist as indicated here, the song won't be included. So far, so good.

But supposing I play it once today, its play count will be 301 (thus over 10) and it will have been modified this year. So it will be included in the playlist, even though I've only played it once this year.

What I'd love to be able to do is create a playlist of the songs I have played > x times in the past time period y. I'd be happy to be wrong but I don't think this playlist will achieve that.

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