6 Ways to Regain Disk Space on your Mac



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Or rely on 3rd party apps to do all cleanup work, like MacClan or CleanMyMac. I'm personally using MacClean, it's free but works flawlessly, keeps my Mac clean from junks.



Increasing RAM is of course an excellent solution of a slow Mac but not very feasible. Me too support a Mac cleaning tool like App zapper, Stellar Speed Up Mac.

An adequate amount of free space is necessary at boot volume to maintain performance.



How do I make itunes see the movie folder I have that is on a different hard drive than the MUSIC folder. In Itunes settigns I can make it use my music folder not on c: drive, but what about movies, I have a 1 tb drive. I don't want itunes to copy the movie to the movie folder within the music folder.



To add files to iTunes without copying them to the folder.
1- Select iTunes > Preferences > Advanced
2- Uncheck the "Copy Files" checkbox
3- whether you drag a file to the library, or choose File > Add to Library, the file will now appear in iTunes without copying or moving it from your 1TB drive.



Using the preference pane "Clusters" has saved me 88GB of disk space (on a 1TB disk). Clusters uses MacOS Xs built-in file-level compression technology and works perfectly.

And using JPEGmini on all my JPEGs has saved me a few GB more.



There is also a free app on the internet called Monolingual. You can choose which languages you want to retain on your computer. This takes a while to run but is good for nearly 2 Gigs.


Nicholas Fisher

I agree, it'll clear out a lot of unused languages. I use AppCleaner for uninstalling everything, even MAS apps. Also, I remove games I've completed if I don't play them anymore. And I move my movies and music to an external hard drive to save space. You may not know this, but iTunes now lets you download purchased movies again for free. Go ahead and delete!

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