9 Essential Resources for Mac Newbies



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These are great. Another wonderful resource is at mac2school.com/virtual-classroom-library
Lots of great free video lessons that teach the basics as well as shortcuts, strategies and hidden features. Easy to follow, easy to use. So much to learn.



I am still trying to get used to Mac, with my brain still on PC. Help!



Rather than BootCamp, I've been recommending VirtualBox. It does the low end things most of my new Mac users want to do, a single app or site that requires IE for example. It is a virtualization package so they can run Windows or Linux in a window or full screen. Best of all it's free.



There used to be these really great forums where one could get help from TENS OF THOUSANDS of other Mac users from all walks of life. It surprises me that corporate greed couldn't come up with a way to monetize that instead of just shutting it down... but I digress.

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