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Is there a shortcut for opening the address book on the desktop? The program is open and the only way to open the book is by going up to the pull down named "window" and clicking "address book". What's up with that?

Thanks for the shortcuts. I never realized the options for large type, label and map. Great.



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thanks for the information about getting the birthdays into iCal and how to get the autofill. very helpful!



Unfortunately, the field "show birthday" doesnn't appear in my iCal preferences. Does somebody have an idea?




Are there any Address Book plug ins that will calculate a persons age from the birthday field? I also know there are programs like GeburtstagsChecker and iBirthday X.Between those two programs, can you recommend one over the other?



Hello.I am generally happy with Mac OS 10.6, but the most useful Address Book editing feature was removed in the new version. In the previous version if you started to type text into a field and then click Function+F5 it would give you a pulldown menu of every entry used in that field. For example, you want to add "Account Manager" to a person's Job Title. You could start typing "acc" and then click Function+F5 and a pulldown menu would appear that included Account Manager (assuming that someone else in your address book already had this job title).This shortcut has been removed. Now when you click Function+F5 you still get a pulldown menu, but it appears to be coming from the Mac Dictionary and is totally worthless as a shortcut to enter previously entered job titles.Very frustrating. If you can find out how to do this shortcut again in the 10.6 version of Address Book I would be immensely happy.Thank you.



yes yes- same issue here - have you found a solution to the Fn-F5 drop down auto-fill shortcut?  Also, SL really screwed up Address Book. It no longer copies all the data of the whole contact (only field by field) AND one can no longer highlight and copy a contacts web address - you actually have to go to the site and copy it from the Safari bar.



I love having Birthdays filters into the calendar but its a shame that it can't be synched via MobileMe.



There's even a few apps that will copy your friends' birthdays from facebook into the address book and iCal

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