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Instructions state: "Next, head to Contacts, open a contact, scroll to Vibration and choose Create New Vibration. The iPhone will allow you to tap or hold the screen to make all new vibration patterns for each contact!" However, an important step was left out. Many of us would know to do this, some may not. This is for them....

After heading to Contacts, back on the Home menu, then opening a contact - you will NOT see Vibration to choose unless you FIRST choose EDIT. Seems like a no-brainer, but to newbies this could cause confusion.

I am happy that this was in these hints. I had not noticed it thus far, having not added or edited any contacts since the update. Thanks!



To get rid of the newsstand app, follow these instructions:

1. Get newsstand and 2 other random apps right next to each other

2. Make the two random apps into a folder

3. As the folder is being created, drag the newsstand app into the folder

4. There you go!

NOTE: Do not open newsstand when it is in the folder. It will crash your phone then fix itself on the next boot. It you would like to use the app, you must take it out of the folder and use it. This may take a few tries, so do not get frustrated.



thanks for this! I hate how this thing groups some mags together, but not others. Now I've hidden the annoying thing!



Double-Click the home button from sleep or the lock screen to reveal the new Camera Button (plus ipod controls)



Thank You!!!!!!!!!!



Sure. Like we're actually worried about people realizing we're looking at diamond necklaces. That's totally what people want to hide.



Just what I was thinking. Gotta hide those diamond necklace videos from the wife!

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