App Showdown: TomTom vs. Navigon



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The spam is out of control.

That said, my thoughts on why I went with the Navigon app:

1) Traffic is a LIFETIME upgrade with the Navigon. No yearly fees. You did not make clear that it is a lifetime upgrade, which was one of the dominant decision factors for me.

2) You can buy a MyRegion version of the Navigon app. I have rarely been east of Nevada, and don't really need a GPS when I am there. The single region versions are only $30, instead of $60. If you ever move or otherwise need another region's navigation maps (there are three: east, west, and central US), they are in-app purchases for $15. So the total cost is still the same $60 if you ultimately need the US, but if you don't then one region is half the price. Granted this loses Canada, but it still represents a more flexible pricing structure.

3) Navigon left the US handheld GPS market because they were having a hard time breaking in, and because it was a shrinking market. They left to focus on smartphone-based offerings. They are one of the long-standing top brands of GPS in Germany. (They are also really nice if you talk to them at MacWorld.)

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