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My challenge isn't 'music' but freaking pics! Video (self shot) & my own nervousness to 'trust' my Dropbox account's photo backup, the resolution and metadata. I've found until Apple opens the iOS 8/OSx 10.10 iCloud drive, I'm backing up, wirelessly to my main home 'always on' iMac and a 'unique' iTunes library simply labeled each of the family's device my wife has two iTunes accounts. Her iPhone and iPad. My son, his iPad and iPod. Myself as the admin ...and I run a business with iOS and OSx, have six different accounts for the business iPads on a different partition. Option open iTunes, direct it to to the library of choice and you're set. For a lot of music, this will work just as well. If not an option (you don't have your own computer or it's too much of a PITA) iTunes Match is a bargain and will elimante the need to store and/or add too or take away from your library of up to 25,000 songs. IMHO it's a bargain. Sweetness would be the 'opening' of MS's OneDrive/or whatever OneNote aggregation system will allow integration with the new API's to allow 'access' to your music held in your MS storage. I pay ten bucks a month and have five tablets and four Macs, and one PC 2 in 1 (business) all loaded up with their own accounts. They just bumped each accounts storage limit 40x. From 25--->1,000 GB per. 5TB of storage. That's phenomenal for ten bucks a month, even if you don't use Word, Excel, Power Point or Outlook, Acess, et al Dropbox. SugarSync. There's a ton of excellent cloud storage solutions for just a couple bucks a month that allow you a TB of storage. Or a quarter million songs, decent size RAW and JPEG shots. About 200 hours of iPhone video. 100 hours using higher nitrates, less at higher resolutions but working with motion, there are cloud services that don't just 'store' but encode, transcode, or otherwise manipulate your video files at full resolution in a fraction of the time possible in a home or office setting as they're using clusters to calculate the average human can't afford, maintain, store or even remotely come close to matching locally.

I'm excited to see what iCloud drive brings when it comes to 'space/$' --- from there I'll make my decision whether or not to spend cash to update my space or go a different direction. I've got 15GB filled right now. And I get the warming each time it can't backup. Low on storage. I'm not buying in ..yet

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