Attack of the Killer MacBook - Solve the Sharp Edges Dilemma



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Found an easy solution to the sharp edge. It is selling on ebay. Simple to apply and looks good too. On ebay, search for: MacBook Pro 15" sharp edge adhesive strip.

It's a rounded black rubber strip with adhesive backing that you can stick on the edge of the your Macbook sharp edges. Works perfectly and it can be taken off if you want to sell your laptop or keep it on for future users. Doesn't interfere with the closing and opening of the laptop either.

Hope this helps.



I have bought a mCover® hard case for my MacBook at The mCover® case has built-in foldable feet, which solves this sharp edge problem better than Bluelounge Cool Feet and makes the typing more comfortable. Never to say that it also provides the protection we need against the scratches and accidental drops.
Here is a picture from their website:

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