Back Up Your Entire Network



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Can I use this set up to back up a hard drive that is networked through our airport extrememe?

Also, what does AppCleaner do?



Installed and backing up 3 Intel Macs to 2 FW800 drives (daisy-chained to the 'server' Mac). A couple of minor hiccups, all pretty much PICNIC problems (problem in chair, not in computer).
Thanks for the great tip and review.



Am looking to get ChronoSync/Agent rolling this week on 3 prepress Macs.
Just got back after leaving newly installed Retrospect8 doing (what I thought was a no-brainer), manual backup. I haven't a clue what it did, but it certainly isn't clear, and I think life's too short to bother finding out.
I will be running AppCleaner on it 'real soon now"!

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